805 S Haynes      234-3740


803 Phillips St.       232-3583


12 Peggy Lane    874-7428

 Aluminum cans  C    Aluminum
 #1 through #2 Plastic      L    Appliances
 Newspapers (please remove inserts that are not on newsprint)   O

   Steel/Stainless steel tin cans

Office paper and envelopes (1/2 page or larger)    S    Scrap iron
Shredded paper    E    Electric motors - cars
Cardboard Corrugated as well as cereal box type     D    Copper
Used clothing - only full garments that can be reused.       Brass - red and yellow
No longer accepting:  Phone books, junk mail, magazines or catalogues.       Tin and Auto scrap
      Batteries - car

    Call 874-7428 to schedule your pick up.

Plastic Shopping Bags
        are collected at: Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Reynolds, St Vincent DePaul, and Ninth Street Nutrition.
Cell Phones
are collected at Cellular One/Verizon, Ace Hardware, Fastenal, Walmart, Highland Park and Sacred Heart School.
Styrofoam Packing Peanuts/ Bubble Wrap
can be recycled at BuyMT.
Inkjet Cartridges
are recyclable at Highland Park, Trinity Lutheran and Sacred Heart Schools,  Boss, Miles City Star and Office Supply, and Walmart.
Printer Cartridge Refills
          Boss -HP and Canon toners
Appliances (non-working)
are taken at Border Steel and Recycling and the Miles City Landfill (not in the pit).
Appliances (working)
are taken at St. Vincent DePaul Store and Ursuline Convent (call 234-4146 prior for information).
Car Batteries
are recyclable at Wal-Mart, Border Trucking and Steel, Ace Hardware.
Rechargeable and Cell Phone Batteries
are recyclable at Ace Hardware.
Anti-freeze **Please no water in the anti-freeze**
            is taken at Walmart and at Auto Transmission Systems (516 Bridge St.).
Waste oil **Please no water in oil**
is recyclable at Wal-Mart and Auto Transmission Systems.
is taken for resale at EMI (deliver to EMI for Woods and Goods), St Vincent De Paul, and Ursuline Academy.
are recyclable in boxes at Airport Inn, Dr. Marta King’s office, East Montana Vision Center, Miles City Vision Clinic, St. Vincent DePaul, EMI, Walmart.
Christmas Trees
   are collected at the Miles City Landfill and Spotted Eagle by the west restroom.
are collected at a once per year event with the Department of Agriculture and Custer County Extension Office announcing the date. More details on More Recycling Opportunities page.
disposal is conducted twice per year with the Drug Enforcement Agency and Holy Rosary Hospital Pharmacy (233-4210) announcing the dates.
Empty Pesticide and Herbicide Containers taken at the fairgrounds. Enter at the south gate, turn right and go through                the 2 blue barrels, dispose of containers in the fenced in area (dog kennel) attached to the white building.