In The Community

Adopt a Pot Flower Towers
We expanded our number of pots from 20 to 24 to accommodate requests from businesses who have been supporting our work.  We welcome 2 of our newest participants:  Jackson Contractor Group and Big Sky Pharmacy.  Thank you for putting so much love into your Adopt a Pots! 

These pots were the dream child of Pine Hills Ag Instructor, Kayla McGibbons.  Pots were prepared, planted, and delivered by Pine Hills staff and students with assistance from KMCB volunteers and supplies from ACE Hardware.

Recycling Bins in the parks from Dr. Pepper/Snapple

     20 recycle bins are now available to residents of Miles City.  The bins were installed at the end of June.  42 bags of recyclables have been collected to date.  Keep Miles City Beautiful board members have been collecting and delivering the cans and bottles to EMI.  
     This is another advantage of being an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.  Many of our ongoing projects, including Adopt a Pot, were created as a result of start-up grants administered by Keep America Beautiful.
Adopt-a-Pot Planting  
Volunteers work tirelessly planting flower pots around the community each year.  20 pots are stored at the Pine Hills facility greenhouse and placed in front of adopting businesses for the summer.  The pots are collected following the first frost and replanted each year.

Bucking Horse Sale Recycling  
KMCB volunteers collect and recycle each year during the world famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.  Work continues to take place to educate the public about recycling at the sale and decreasing the amount of aluminum and plastic which gets tossed in the landfill. In 2017 66 large bags of recycling were collected.

Fair Recycling  KMCB volunteers clean up the fair grounds and surrounding areas after the fair each year.  Last year, volunteers collected 46 bags (276 pounds) of recycling during the Custer County Fair. 

2015 Projects

ARD  Latex Paint Recycling

240 gallons of paint was collected at the October event.  Unusable paint was disposed of properly and 130 gallons of quality paint was redistributed to individuals as well as to the city parks department, Pine Hills Correctional Facility, and the Range Riders Museum.

Custer County Fair Recycling 2015

    51 full bags of aluminum and plastic were collected at the fair; this translates into 306 pounds of materials diverted from the landfill. Volunteering were 22 persons who spent a total of 23 hours.

Walk and Weed  August 2015
    KMCB board members saw the need for weeds to be cleaned up on Main St and spent 14 volunteers hours collecting 18 large garbage bags of weeds from sidewalks in front of businesses.

Range Riders Museum Cleanup  
    In March KMCB coordinated a cleanup project at the museum.  35 young people from the Students Today, Leaders Forever group in Morris, MN along with 6 Range Riders board members worked a total of 126 hours preparing the Range Riders for it's spring opening.

Great American Cleanup of Miles City

125 volunteers spent 195 hours to clean up Miles City. 4,595 pounds of trash were recycled and 295 pounds of recycling was done.  
Lend a Hand - 16 volunteers spent 11 hours assisting 9 seniors in need of help with raking and hauling recycling and trash.
Litter Index Survey 
KMCB board members and other volunteers spent   hours surveying about 50 sites to complete our Litter Index.  The overall index was 1.8 compared to 2.2 in 2014 indicating litter has decreased in those areas.  

Trash Walk
  • From May 1 to May 24 Keep Miles City Beautiful removed trash from Miles City streets.  Walkers, on their daily walks, took bags and pick up garbage. When done they contacted  KMCB to report which area was cleaned and the size and number of bags collected:  160 pounds of trash was removed from our streets.

  • The areas in yellow are Adopt-a-Spot and Adopt-a-Highway sites and are maintained 3 times a year; these were low priorities for the Trash Walk. Orange areas have been cleaned by walkers!

Great American Cleanup of Miles City
Cleanup projects are completed the first 3 weeks of May.  In 2017 volunteers completed 240 hours of work to spruce up the town.

Our Adopt-a-Spot program is up and running.  Email us at  to choose  a site for your family or group.  Your committment will be for sprucing up a chosen site a minimum of 3 times a year for a 2 year period. KMCB provides a bag with safety vests, tools, trash bags, and safety information for your group. KMCB will erect a sign in the area to honor your group or family for your work. 
Assigned Areas:
Leighton Blvd -(Haynes to the landfill)- Pine Hills         School Restitution Program
Cemetery Road - RSVP
Bender Park area- Miles City Jaycees
Cook Lake - The Difference Youth Group
Milwaukee Park - Miles City Kiwanis Club
Denton Sports Complex - Busy Bees 4-H Club
Dike Road (from Atlantic to 7th St Bridge) - Open for Adoption                 
Custer County Art and Heritage Center -  Open for Adoption                 
Love LaneOpen for Adoption                 

(2015 Projects continued)

Bucking Horse Sale Recycling and Parade

84 bags of plastic and aluminum cans were collected by 16 KMCB volunteers decreasing unnecessary items from placement in the landfill.

July 4th Festival
     A information booth disseminated recycling brochures and KMCB information handed out 150 bottles of water to thirsty event participants.

Pine Hills Park Project
     Since July 1 of 2014 $7,000 was donated to Keep Miles City Beautiful by the Holy Rosary Foundation and the Nibbs Allen Foundation for the park on Haynes.  Thanks to the students and staff at Pine Hills Correctional Facility and their countless hours of work, the area is becoming a nice park.  Many other groups and businesses donated in kind and money donations in the prior year to help make this park a possibility.