GAC 2019

Great American Cleanup

Adopt a Neighborhood

Riverside Park Gazebo

Saturday, May 11

9:00 - Noon

Call for volunteers!  Several neighborhoods are open for adoption.  Supplies, including gloves, trash bags, trash grabbers, safety vests, water and snacks provided by WalMart will be available at the park.  You may sign up for a neighborhood in advance or be assigned a neighborhood or a task when you come.  If you want to help but are not available to work at that time, call, text or email to make arrangements to get supplies.  Thank you in advance, for Keeping Miles City Beautiful!

Sign up form:  GAC Adopt a Neighborhood.pdf   

You are welcome to download the form, fill it out, take a picture with your phone and send it in a text.  

Contact:  Sue Stanton Morlock, call or text 951-0967 or email